Thursday, 6 May 2010

We Got Some More Reviews.

And very nice they are too. Thank you very much to Andy and Graham for taking the time to write about us, and thanks very much if you've been to see us recently! x

Monday, 26 April 2010

This Is Very Exciting.

I already can't wait for this! It's going to lots of bands we love, lots of people we love and hopefully lots of sun. And also it's the day after my birthday so hopefully some celebrations for that!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Our First Ever Review!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Well, That Was An Interesting Week!

We've had a pretty busy week this week, playing 3 Boat to Row shows earlier in the week which were lovely, thanks for asking, and two Bronze Medals shows this weekend with three more to come next week. Friday was in Nuneaton at the Crown with our friends The Sweet Hereafter and Young Wolves. The turn out was surprisingly high, which eased my fears of being forced to wash dishes for weeks after to pay off the room, and everyone was in high spirits. We kicked off the night, and we had a lot of fun in the process. We played a new song, which went smoothly and we even threw in an unrehearsed Escape Routes for the first time in months. Next up Young Wolves, who were great. It was really good to see a new band playing in Nuneaton, and they didn't disappoint. Finally The Sweet Hereafter were absolutely smashing. Their new song was one of my favourite yet and the whole set was brilliant. They even had a camera crew with them so it'll be fun to see the videos when they're done. Thanks to everyone involved, and especially to everyone who came and stayed til the end!

Next up was Derby with Switzerland for their last show. It was an intimate affair at the Big Blue Coffee Shop and to be honest it was a bit of a disaster for us. The first sign that things were going wrong was when we had to stop in the middle of our set because Lloyd was about to get a parking ticket. As he ran off to plead ignorance, me and Mike were left to nervously stand in front of a room full of people thinking how all the money we'd saved for the CD was about to go down the drain. Luckily Lloyd is a persuasive devil and he managed to get away with it. So he rejoined us on stage and we played our new song again, and carried on the set. Unfortunately for us during this song the PA which had been teetering on the brink all night decided to break. This lead to the hilarious sight of me and Mike screaming the words to the crowd for the last two songs. Luckily they saw the funny side, and we mostly did, although it was a little bit gutting that it had all gone so wrong! The mics came back on for a second or two, just long enough for me to introduce the last song but then instantly cut out again when I went to sing. Never mind, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger apparently. A lot of people were incredibly nice afterwards, soothing us with kind words, asking where they could listen to us without all the technical difficulties and buying cds and even overpaying for them. Miraculously we sold every CD we had left. So we just want to say thanks to everyone who stuck it out with us, and thanks to Callum for putting us on and trying his hardest to sort everything out as quickly as he could.

As we loaded out someone tried to steal my amp which lead to Mike and Dan from the Royal chasing him down and yelling in his face, and someone else threatened to throw Lloyd's floor tom through the car window unless he gave him 40p. He didn't give it him, Lloyd is a bad ass mother who don't take no crap from nobody. We decided it'd probably just be for the best to leave at that point so we escaped the insanity of Derby on a Saturday night and went to bed.

Our Next few shows are:

Monday 29th March - Wolverhampton @ Alchemy with Failures Union, Joyous and Cajole Cajole
Tuesday 30th March - Nottingham @ The Central with Hold Your Horse Is and Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea
Sunday 4th April - Birmingham @ Hare and Hounds - HOTT DATE! With Scarlet Harlots, Little Palm and many others.

More new shows on the page. Keep it dusty.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Poster Poster Poster

Also we've confirmed some more shows:

20th March - Huddersfield @Bar 1.22 with Cub Club and super good headliners TBC
29th March - Wolverhampton @ Alchemy with Joyous and Cajole Cajole
4th April - Birmingham @ The Hare and Hounds with The Scarlet Harlets, Little Palm and a bunch more

Sunday, 28 February 2010



It's been far too long since I updated this blog, but we actually have some new things to report on now! First off we have quite a few new shows, and a couple more that will hopefully be confirmed soon:

5th March - Taylor John's House, Coventry with The JCQ
26th March - The Crown, Nuneaton with Young Wolves and The Sweet Hereafter
27th March - Big Blue, Derby - Switzerland's final show with BTPAM, Directions and Call Me Ishmael
30th March - The Central, Nottingham with Hold Your Horse Is

As well as that we've been recording an EP with our good friend Billy Moss and that should hopefully be finished in the next few weeks. We're already pleased with how it's sounding so we can't wait to hear the finished product!

'Deary Me', the Dirty Dirty Promo compilation we're appearing on is now ready, we have 10 copies on the way to us through the post as I type so we'll have them at the next few shows for £1 with a copy of our demo.

I think that is all for now, we have a couple of new songs nearing completion so hopefully I'll sort my life out and finish the lyrics in time to play some of them at the next few shows.

Ben. x

Monday, 4 January 2010

So This Is The New Year.


We have some new shows for the new year:


Friday 8th - The Crown, Nuneaton
Friday 22nd - The Horse and Groom, Lincoln


Saturday 13th - Rosie Malones, Coventry.

Hopefully we'll see you there? We're really ultra sorry to Matt from Carefully Planned for pulling out at the last minute, our car broke down so we couldn't make the all dayer just before Christmas. We were upset. We have some new songs nearly finished and some others just taking form in my head and we might be doing a bit of recording as well soon so hopefully we'll be busy this year!