Thursday, 10 December 2009

Coming Soon!


Also the new Converge is wicked!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

These Archives Are Monuments Podcast.

We were kindly asked to be on this podcast. We're track 3. Have a listen, all the other bands are great!

Full details here:

Monday, 7 December 2009

Things We Have Coming Up.


We've been a bit quiet as of late what with the Youves tour and us not hassling people enough for shows. We have two shows booked at the minute:

19th December - Carefully Planned All Dayer @ Saki Bar, Manchester with Luke Leighfield, My First Tooth, Instruments (Make Music) plus lots of other bands.
22nd January - The Horse and Groom, Lincoln.

We're also going to be appearing on a compilation put together by Dirty! Dirty! in Leeds so we'll get more details when that's all finalised. There's hopefully going to be a show to support the release of that too.

Other than that we've been working on some new songs, hanging out with our friends and generally being lazy, so I guess it's time I got back booking shows and writing some lyrics!

See you soon hopefully! X

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Bronze Medals Are Fucking Dead.

No, they're not really, we're all alive and well, I just wanted to reference Refused songs in an attempt to look cool on the internet. The reason why will become clear soon enough! So Hi! Welcome to the inaugural Bronze Medals blog post. Me and Michael decided it would be a good idea to start a blog as we drove the weaving roads of the British countryside at 3am the other night so here it is! I'll start by updating everyone on what we have been up to recently.

We played this wonderful show last week:

It was great! We arrived just in time for sound check thanks to the awful traffic, set up and got a sound onstage that meant we could actually hear ourselves! It was a revelation! Shortly after the doors opened and we played dead on 8 which meant not many people were there for our first song or two but it soon filled up with people anticipating a brilliant show from This Town Needs Guns, Great Eskimo Hoax and Kidnapper Bell. This meant we ended up playing to quite a few people which was nice. We played a bit of a different set to usual and that worked nicely too. Thanks a million to Craig for putting us on, to everyone who came down especially to see us and drove from Nuneaton, to Kidnapper Bell for being so nice and supportive of us, to This Town Needs Guns for watching us and giving us some positive feedback and to Great Eskimo Hoax for being awesome guys.

On Friday we played at Siobhan's house party in Salford which was a lot of fun. Again traffic was our enemy. Lloyd set off at 2 and didn't get there til 6.30 and me and Mike didn't arrive until 10 after getting into hilarious arguments with the stupid toll road attendants and then paying £4.70 for the privilege of going at 10mph most of the way. When we eventually made it to Siobhan's and set up though we were feeling a lot happier and Michael kicked things off with a beautiful Boat to Row set that featured a new song that I loved. His songwriting goes from strength to strength so it's always brilliant to watch him play.


Then it was time for us! I had a little trouble standing upright in the basement we were playing in and I snapped a string on my guitar before we started and obivously hadn't bought any spares because I am an idiot. Luckily Ben Monaghan is a hero and lent me his guitar so the show could go on! We played 5 songs to varying amounts of people as they arrived or went back to the kitchen to get drinks but the people who watched were dancing along which made it a lot of fun for us to play. Holly took some good pictures too, including a few of all three of us which is a first!

Then Stacks played and got shut down by the police. They only had one song left but at least a consolation was that there was a beautiful policewoman to stop them playing. They left to a shower of inappropriate comments as we all packed away. Me and Mike had our packed lunches I'd made for us (Jam Econo!) and then we drove home on the scenic route which was nice and Lloyd went off to enjoy a lovely weekend in Manchester. Thanks to Siobhan and all the stacks guys for making it happen, we had a lot of fun.

We only have one show booked at the minute, which looks like it will be a good one. It's at Saki Bar in Manchester and its part of the Carefully Planned All Dayer on December 19th with some ace bands like Kid Pang, Instruments (Make Music), Luke Leighfield and My First Tooth amongst others. We're working on getting a few more shows booked before the end of the year, maybe doing a few more recordings, finishing up some new songs ready to play live as well as a few other exciting things. Things are going to be a bit quiet for the next few weeks because of the upcoming Youves tour but we'll let you know when anything is coming up.

Ben. xx